The Dawn of a Delicious Day!

Welcome to Digitally Delicious!

It’s a fantastic Friday and Kenny Bloggins is here to tell you about it.  You might be asking yourself what Digitally Delicious entails. Foremost, this is a Food blog with enriching tips for your tastes. Many topics will be touched upon including general nutrition, cooking on a budget, cooking for kids (I dont think baby likes mango), allergies, cultural varieties, fad diets (you know you tried one), organic variants, restaurant reviews, vegan/veggie cuisine, travel (I wont eat bugs), and just about everyones favorite items: Baked goods.

I’d like to share with you a funny excerpt from a beautiful soul named Mitch Hedberg who tells a wonderful joke about ducks and Subway (the sandwich artists)…….

I feel as though I am a tasty treat to get your weekend rolling and I look forward to being the gatekeeper of everyone’s biggest crutch. That’s right, I said it. We are all addicted to food.

Well now I’m hungry. Chow for now…..



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5 responses to “The Dawn of a Delicious Day!

  1. Jackie Thibodeau

    Love the new blog! Food, can’t go wrong. I look forward to whatever vegan subjects will be addressed I also look forward to anything regarding food. Good luck and I’ll be here every Monday.

  2. Sara L

    That video was super funny! Yeah a blog about food!

  3. ChiChi

    Nice one! The vid was sweet.


  4. Paige Rosner

    i agree, lovely video. tastey subject, food. and cheers on the puns: chow for now, brilliant.

  5. waaaaaay

    yes, if you would like to hear more from Mitch hedberg and his food rantings check these similar links…….
    The Club Sandwhich

    Sesame Seeds

    A couple of curse words occur (mind the language kiddies!!!)

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