Nutrition Emission

I feel like the guy who goes to the gym so he can talk to people on equipment (not actually use it though – that might be dangerous!). Nutrition and myself have a love/hate relationship. I do love fruits, vegetables, and the gambit that comes with healthy eating. I just hate the time it takes to make the freakin’ meals. Eat a fruit, im good with that. Buy a ripe one, who do you think I am? I don’t have the confidence for that.

Seriously, I’d rather buy a bag of baby carrots (that say they’re washed?!) than to physically peel a couple myself. I don’t have the time, I have things to do. I would prefer to eat a pack of strawberry Gushers over washing a bunch of actual strawberries. The dilemma is that bit at the end of the strawberry. Do I eat said berry right to the grassy nub or do i cut off each top individually. No worries about cutting off pieces of Gushers……

Nutrition is hard to maintain. I shouldn’t have to read each label of everything I purchase to find out i’m unhealthy and may die sooner than expected. Grandma never used to tell me her soup had 185 calories with 5 grams of fat and 22 grams of sugar. No one cared, everyone just eats. If she did tell me, I would enquire as to why Granny uses so much sugar in her soup.

Time is a factor in eating right. In the time it takes me to make a nice meal I could’ve went through the Mcdonalds drive thru, the Wendy’s drive thru, the Burger King drive thru (I may be able to sneak in some A&W). Man, all that food made me want dessert…..and after all that, I still have time to hit up Dairy Queen for a Blizzard…..

The convenience of fast food makes unhealthy eating the easy alternative. Healthy eating has the potential to add longevity to my life. I guess everyone must weigh the options then weigh themselves. What is my best choice? I don’t know, what’s yours?

You wanna live longer, eat healthy. You wanna live happy, eat whatever you want. Like Phil Collins said, “Oh, think twice. It’s just another day for you and me in paradise.” Not all that relevant but you really should think twice (and eat healthy) if you want another day in paradise (this blissful existence we call life).


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  1. angelfreak7

    I totally love gushers*

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