Eating for Free

yes thats right – you can eat almost for free!

Since eating is an essential part of everyday life, and you have a limited budget to spend on groceries and paying bills. Have no fear, you can still get those nice big meals you used to get at home – but now for almost free!

Now you may be asking, “How can this be done?” Well it is done by the process of Dumpster Diving. It falls under the philosphy of “freegans“. From what I know, this concept is slowing catching on in Canada, but is huge in the United States. Where not only are student out dumpster diving, but also people with families, careers, etc.  too.

 What you do is go to the dumpster located behind your favorite grocery stores (Safeways), bakeries or your local supermarket and look through the bags of “garbage”. You may be surprised as to what you will find. Within these bags you will find fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products, but also boxed and canned goods. Majority of the items are usually in good condition, while you will also find ones that are not.

Once you have collected all your groceries for the week and bring them home – don’t forget to properly wash and inspect everything.

Now when Oprah starts talking about something – you have to know it is a big deal. Find below a video below from Oprah’s correspondent – Lisa Ling on Dumpster Diving in New York.

Dumpster diving is most enjoyed in groups – so if you have no plans this coming Friday night, grab some of your closest friends and get out and dumpster dive!


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  1. Vince

    This is for real? Wow. Someone needs to do a documentary on this.

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