Cost Effective

What up Kiddies, another freakin’ Friday is upon us, who’s hungry?

In keeping with the weeks theme I have conjured up a plan to keep those wallets (and tummys) full. First off, don’t be stupid. Blowing money on ‘Fast Food’ a few days a week may keep you alive but its no recipe for success. You’re not gonna be too healthy, and you’re gonna be poorer for it. Lose-lose no doubt.

I actually have no plan………don’t be stupid is my advice to me………

The Dietitians of Canada do have a plan though and it’s laid out in 7 easy steps everyone should but no one will follow. These steps are:

1) Plan ahead – simple enough even for me. A weekly plan of meals is never a bad thing
2) Base your weekly menu on the Canada Food Guide – No explanation needed
3) When it comes to meat, buy only what you need – vegans rejoice!!! Step 3 unnecessary
4) Try using plant proteins – The Dietitians say less expensive proteins like peanut butter, lentils, split peas, or kidney beans are good alternatives to meat dishes
5) Choose convenience foods carefully – It’s saying “Watch that junk you eat!”
6) Buy in bulk – Who doesn’t want mustard till 2011?
7) Compare and Save – Watch those sales, cut those coupons.

Too lazy for all of that but like to surf the Net? Check out these websites that tout budget recipes for your penny pinching hungar pains.
Boasts 134 recipes that will save you $
This place is truely Budget-Friendly
Dated looking website but name says it all
Even Emeril has 6 easy recipes for the budding chef in you

Wow, I was actually getting ready to finish up here when I came across this last one.
Funny thing, I only clicked the link because the website is and my Mom does freezer cook for me. Who doesn’t love Mom’s home cookin’? Especially when you can enjoy it in your own home, on your own couch….

You gotta have a plan. You need to not be lazy (I’ve lost you haven’t I). You need to check out what the Moms are cookin’! Most off all, be happy. If you’re broke but you’re full, I say, good for you…….


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