Coolest Apple in School!

When I think of being a little girl and the foods I most enjoyed, a memory of grade 2 “show and tell” pops into my head.

I brought an apple to school because I thought it was the coolest apple in all of grade 2! I know your thinking “that is a strange object to bring for show and tell” but, this apple was in fact, the coolest apple in all of grade 2.

The night before, my dad figured out how to cut an apple so that it can be put back together again to look like an un-cut apple.

Well Guess what?

You or your child can also have the coolest apple in school, because I just figured out the secret of the jigsaw apple and I am willing to share it with you!

Step 1: Pick a good looking apple from the batch (I picked one from my tree) and give it a good wash and dry.

Step 2: Use a sharp paring knife to cut a vertical slit, all the way from the top of the apple until you reach the middle of the fruit. Make sure you cut right to the core.

Step 3: Make a horizontal slit about 2/3rds around the apple.

Step 4: Make a vertical slit towards the bottom of the apple. Stop at the core.

Step 5: In the center of the area of the apple that has not been slit, cut a vertical slit from the top of the apple to the bottom.

Step 6: this is the tricky part, carefully use your knife to wiggle the apple apart. The apple will split along the core.

Step 7: now you should have 2 pieces that fit back together again! You can now core the apple but you must be very careful or you could break the apple and your apple will no longer be as cool! If you core the apple, be sure to leave the stem in to achieve a realistic un-cut apple illusion!

Step 8: finally put some lemon juice on the white part of the apple to prevent it from turning brown and ruining its cool image!

Happy apple cutting!



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8 responses to “Coolest Apple in School!

  1. Ruby

    Maybe, when I’m bored, I will attempt to make an apple puzzle. Should pass the time quite nicely. Then I will start to carve roses out of turnips… It can’t be that hard.

  2. Randi

    the whole time i was reading i just thought that apple would go bad…who knew lemon juice had such amazing properties – good tip 🙂

  3. Jeff

    These are AWESOME! I will be spending the weekend with a 5 year old and an eleven year old and know they will both find your apple trick very entertaining (and healthy too).

  4. Bev

    Amazing that you can remember back that far. What a great tradition to pass on to yet another generation.

  5. Debbie

    Interesting…for those adults who attempt this, perhaps you have too much time on your hands.

  6. Jennifer

    Yay for all of us big kid “adults” who always have time to create cool apple puzzles! I’m definately going to try it out, if anything, just to see if I can actually do it without cutting the sucker in half!!

  7. Brittney

    Hmm that sounds pretty cool! I want to try that the next time I eat an apple.

  8. Doreen

    Amazing that you remembered that.
    pretty cool you figured out how to do it.

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