Kid Chefs

Growing up, one thing that I wish I had was a kids cooking class – something different then Home Ec in Junior High – where it wasn’t boring and you didn’t learn how to make pancakes or chili.  Well recently, I found out that Calgary has a kids cooking school. It is called Kulinary Kids, where it is geared for pre-schoolers and all the way up to high school students. They have many classes for each age group that deals with not only learning the basic cooking skills but also learning to cook with seasonal items or different cooking styles. For the parents, this is a win-win situation – not only are the kids learning about cooking, they are also developing life skills.

A little more closer to home and for the Youth, Lethbridge College offers a Culinary Boot Camp. Where you learn about appetizers, soups, salads, main courses and the best part of a meal – the dessert.  During this camp, the youth also learn about basic cooking skills too. Then at the end, they get to design a 3 course meal and present it to their family and friends.

However, if you are thinking that Calgary is to far away, and your kid is not ready for the culinary boot camp, then have no fear. Just check out Cooking with Kids. This website provides recipes, videos and educational resources to teach your child about food, cooking and nutrition. Also, this a great way to spend more time with your child.

One last piece of information to help out in the kitchen, is have your child dress up like a chef and pretend that you are on a cooking show preparing a meal. What kid doesn’t like dressing up and pretending to be an adult?


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