My Stones Will Not Let Me Eat

Guess what ladies and gentlemen? I have gallstones and they suck. I’ve been having severe problems for almost 3 months now and finally, after all the hoopla, my gallbladder is being removed on October 20th.

This gall situation has had an extreme effect on my diet, although the messed up nutrient intake I had previously is the reason these stones developed. I used to eat what I wanted when I wanted but after the initial attacks I drastically reduced eating almost anything and everything. Which is why I have the problem in the first place.

The most probable cause for my gallstones is that I would eat, but on a ridiculously random schedule. I could go all day without food, maybe eating in the late evening when I got hungry. Sometimes my first meal of the day was at 10 pm. Stupid on my part……..I know.

I get these terrible pains, usually at night, so I had no choice but to visit a doctor.

Did he help? not really. The Doc ordered tons of tests (lactose intolerance, UGI, Abdominal Ultrasound, bloodwork, pee tests). In addition I had a very useless emergency trip (could’ve had a few but no one’s helping me there either). These tests gave surprising results.

Apparently I have excellent blood pressure, a swift metabolism, cholesterol levels so low (good) they barely registered on the test. Then why the F do I have gallstones? Well that’s what happens when you eat sporadically, letting the calcium build up to form stones in the gallbladder.

None of these tests, save for the ultrasound, held any merit. As the lady was checking ‘my baby’ she instantly saw gallstones and told me I wasn’t crazy, stones hurt……..excellent, we found something…..

Just talking about it makes me really sad, it’s been so stressful. Woe is me right? Nah, you’d complain too, trust me.

Even with the doctors ‘help’ I wasn’t told to eat this/stay away from that, I was sent on my way. After causing a scene at the day clinic I was given Tylenol 3’s for the attacks that occur.

Through internet research i’ve found I cannot eat fatty, sugary foods. My diet the last 2 months has been vegetables and fruit – literally. I just started drinking milk again after a few weeks of none. I won’t eat processed meat (bye bye Subway), butter, creamy anythings, junk food, cheese, cookies, etc. I eat apples everyday (Fuji represent) along with basically everything in the fresh section of your local grocery store.

I’ve been intolerant to everything but it was truly the fatty, sugary foods that exacerbated the situation. I like pizza, can’t eat it, last time I did I was taken to emergency. That attack was no doubt caused by my intolerance to cheese/fatt (2 T’s cause it’s Too Tempting).

Sorry for the rant, it had to be said………off my chest? A little…..


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  1. Unwell

    That sucks dude! 😦 I knew the downsides to ‘stones’ but I never really knew the cause. Guess I should watch my eating habits, I tend to eat the same way you do, or rather did. Why is it always the good foods that have to go? Such a sad world…

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