Giant Food: Alberta Canada

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving break. This is one of the few years where I have not spent my Thanksgiving at my Baba and Gedo’s (Ukrainian for Grandma and Grandpa’s)  home in Vegreville, Alberta.

Vegreville is home to the worlds largest Pysanka (Ukrainian Easter egg).
One beautiful Thanksgiving day my family took a road-trip to visit the Ukrainian food, Giants of the Prairies. This trip was awesome because in one day we saw giant statues of my top 3 favorite Ukrainian foods!
We saw:
The worlds largest Mushrooms in Vilma, Alberta
My Gedo used to pick wild mushrooms and bring them home for my Baba to make mushroom sauce. This sauce is incredible!
Baba fry’s onions in butter and 1 Tbsp of flour, until they are golden brown. Then, she slowly adds a pint of sour cream and stirs the mixture until it is smooth. Next, she adds a qt. of sliced mushrooms, salt and pepper and drippings from a chicken or turkey. The final step is to simmer the sauce for 15 min. Sooooo good on mashed potatoes, meat and perogy’s!

We also saw the worlds largest Perogy in Glendon, Alberta

These are some pictures of my Baba, Mom and I making 3 generation perogys for the pig Roast party.   

Last but not least, the worlds largest Kubassa in Mundare, Alberta

I like to slice this up and fry it with my perogys and some onions. Then I eat it with eggs and fresh tomato for breakfast! Mmmmm yum!


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  1. Ruby

    This makes me hungry just looking at it. I love perogies, and hopefully Alanna will cook this for me sometime.

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