Fad Diets are Foolish

 Fad diets prove how stupid humans really are, and how easily we are persuaded by illusions. 

Why would anyone use a fad diet to loose weight fast when it is common knowledge that you will most likely gain the weight  back just as fast as you lost it? It is also a mystery to me why people still try diet after diet all the while knowing that they could potentially hurt or damage their bodies. Most of the weight you loose in these diets is just water mass and not fat anyways.  It seems to me and many others, that the only miracle diet out there is the one everyone knows about. If you want to loose weight, in a healthy manner, you need to pay close attention to your calorie intake and exercise regularly. Precisely the words of Jenny Craig, an assisted weight loss program that monitors calorie intake. Ideally you should be burning 500 more calories than you intake each day. Wow what a big secret. But seriously people, are we that lazy that we need to live within false realities? below is a video where doctors explain why fad diets are just a bunch of fooey. These are my opinions, what are yours?



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2 responses to “Fad Diets are Foolish

  1. Jeff Scales

    Not to contradict you, but some of the fad diets such as South Beach are simply doing what these guys are talking about, but give it sopme context… The book explains what’s happpening and gives you some great meal ideas. Human nature bing what it is, most people wont take the time to work out their menus.

  2. Adam Scales

    Fad diets are in my opionion a reflection of a larger social ill affecting our society today: the idea that we can have anything we want without working hard for it. Rather than put in the effort to eat better as a matter of everyday life and excercise regularily, many people hope to find a ‘miracle’ diet that will solve their problems for them…and when that doesn’t work out they move to the next fad diet that comes up, and on and on. In this regard i put these diets in with get rich quick schemes, and any of the other numerous magic bullet/pill solutions that permeat late night tv ads and popular magazines.

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