Why is My Chicken Orange?

The definition of the word organic: “Developing in a manner analogous to the natural growth and evolution characteristic of living organisms; arising as a natural outgrowth” (actually that’s definition 9, thanks Dictionary). What does this tell me? If food is organic it should be helping me live? Okay.

Soooo, what does it mean when the chicken is organic? It wasn’t fed steriods, cool, i’m okay with that. Tell me this, why is the meat orange? How many carrots does it take to kill a chicken?

Or what about fish. Everyone loves fish……….Nope!

Fish marinate in their urine their whole lives and I don’t like urinary marination. Unless, garlic pee…….no thanks still too much.

Organic is to diet as spandex is to wrestling – there but not essential. I know (as does most everyone) eating right and eating properly is the key ingredient in natural health management. But sometimes it’s hard to eat 100% healthy. I don’t always have the time to hit the grocery store so how am I expected to FARM!! Lets be honest, would you drink milk if someone was always spouting off about mama’s booby factory – NO! Keep the breast milk at the dairy factory so your mom can keep her day job.

In Star Wars I bet you could eat whatever you wanted………not so much in Store Wars.

Do not go to the darkside of the Farm my kiddies!!!!!
Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween



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