Rajdoot is the Obama of Indian food restaurants in Calgary. obamaI don’t know if the newly elected president has even eaten at Rajdoot, but if he ever does I bet he would say that the food is Obamalicious and that the service is Baracktastic!

I Obomapoligize for all the Barackisms, but how can i write a post the day after the first African American President is elected without making some reference to him?

That being said, It’s not that far fetched to imagine Obama visiting Rajdoot because the restaurant is frequently visited by many movie-stars such as, Anthony Hopkins. anthony_hopkins1501

But don’t worry average Joe the Plumbers like you and I can also dine and receive the same great service as Obama or Anthony Hopkins would.

I was first introduced to Rajdoot when my brother treated my family to the best indian food I had ever had. My bro had just got back from India and said that the food at Rajdoot tasted just like the food he had in India.

Well he was right. You know your Indian food is good when you have one bite and you start to sweat! Part of the reason the food tastes so good at this restaurant is because they cook the food in authentic clay ovens. The servers at Rajdoot are friendly and attentive and they don’t hesitate to bring you lots of foreign beer to go along with your meal! beer

Rajdoot is very accommodating for large parties because the restaurant has a separate room which can be booked through their website.

In addition to the menu, customers can order off the large buffet which contains a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes.

All in all I give Rajdoot a strong Obama win over McCain! ( Read as 5/5)

Well I can’t wait to go back to Calgary next week and chow down with my family at Rajdoot! Maybe Obama will be there and i can get his autograph!



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4 responses to “Obamalicious!

  1. Anthony Hopkins

    Very interesting synopsis on my favorite restaurant in all of Calgary. Although I declare that I found it to be rather Hopkintastic than Obamalicous. Service is Anthonazing, while I find that there´s nothing better than a nice bottle of chianti and farther beans (sthhhh…thhhh..thhh) to go along with the Don Diegolicious appetizers.

    Thank-you kindly for including me in your zorrotastic blog!

    Anthony Hopkins

  2. Mmmmm Kingfisher beer. Born and raised on it

  3. Mahatma Ghandi

    The quality of this food reminded me of one of my favourite restaurants in Bombay (Mumbai).


  4. Jeff Scales

    I have eaten at many East Indian restaurants in Toronto and this is better than any I tried there.

    Now, we only need a South Eastern Indian veggie restaurant – yet another taste.

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