So you’ve wandered into Saskatchewan.

Don’t panic. People from Saskatchewan aren’t the crazy gun toting hicks that we are pegged to be. It’s true that you can see for miles from any point in Sask and our roads are the worst in the country, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a lot going on. (Tip for traveling: Playing dodge the pot holes makes the trip go by really fast)


All of this advice is coming from experience. I am a Saskatchewaner or a Saskachewanian if you wish. I spent most of my life there and while I don’t intend on living there forever, or even live there now, I still think it has a lot to offer. One thing in particular is really amazing food.

The best Asian food I have ever tried was in Saskatchewan. If you have a craving for some Thai food go to Keo’s Kitchen in Saskatoon or Nit’s Thai Food in Moose Jaw. For the incredible Filipino food go to Fiesta Manila in Prince Albert. And for the best Chinese food I have ever had, go to the Pierce Cafe in Pierceland.

Keo’s Kitchen: Keo’s Kitchen is small family owned Thai and Lao restaurant. It was named the number two restaurant in Saskatoon by They are known for their Phad Thai and Hot and Sour Soup that people travel for hours to get. They have a big menu so everyone is guaranteed to find something they enjoy, including vegetarians and vegans.

Location – 1013 Broadway Ave. Saskatoon, SK

Fiesta Manila: Fiesta Manila is another family owned business specializing in Filipino food. It is one of the first places I go to when I go back home. My favorite dish is the candied pork, while my friend Debbi likes this pineapple chicken thing. It’s all so delicious so it won’t matter what you order. The staff are really friendly and helpful, and give good suggestions for your different tastes.

Location – 922 Central Ave. Prince Albert, SK

Nit’s Thai Food Ltd: Nit’s is a Thai Restaurant (obviously) in Moose Jaw. They use very traditional recipes that keep the food authentic and tasting so incredible. rated it thirteenth overall for all restaurants in Moose Jaw.

Location – 124 Main Street North. Moose Jaw, SK

Pierce Cafe: The Pierce Cafe is owned by a Chinese couple who moved to Saskatchewan a long time ago. They cook both Chinese and American classics, but no one goes there for the burgers. People drive from all over just to get a number C (that’s how it is on the menu). You won’t find this restaurant on but I definitely recommend it, and so will anyone else who’s ever eaten there.

Location – Main Street. Pierceland, SK

So if you’re going on a cross-country trip or just have the displeasure of crossing that boarder to the dark side, at least now you know where to get a decent meal. Enjoy!



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5 responses to “Sask-a-WHAT?*

  1. Kahleigh.

    I nearly lost my mind with the “you can see for miles in any direction” part, thinking this girl hasn’t been up north! Then I kept reading…. Pierce Cafe is under construction and possibly new ownership. Cheers.

  2. angelfreak7

    haha… true… I suppose that comment is only true of the southern part of the province… I mean have you been to Moose Jaw lately?…

    Thanks for the info on Pierce Cafe : )

  3. Vince

    Good work kiddo!

  4. Hey, just to unfortunately inform you the Pierce Restaurant has been closed since October-ish? of 2008, due to what are widely perceived as “health and safety” concerns. You obviously did not brave the kitchen, or utilize the restroom! UGH!

    For that place to be in the memory banks of many who have passed by or through our community, well, I can only pray the quality of the food has overwhelmed all other memories.

    Though yes I agree the fare that Kam and May served up was top notch – even as a Piercelander, I could no longer bear to do anything but take out in that place. It has been under serious reno, and despite rumours of the place re-opening around Christmas-time, I heard the new proprietors pulled out, and we are all still awaiting new restauranteurs, hopefully soon.

    Alternately, there is the “New Song” cafe now in Pierceland serving up excellent fresh-ground gourmet coffee, and a variety of Panini-style sandwiches, homemade soups, pizza and great desserts. Unfortunately, they remain closed on weekends. The selections there are perfect for a lunch, but may disappoint those looking for a “workin’ man’s supper” kind of dining.

    I sure do sorely miss my ginger beef fix – best item on the old Pierce Restaurant menu, in my opinion.

    Enjoyed your write-up –

    Brad Harrison

    • angelfreak7

      Thanks Brad…

      I did hear that it had been shut down, but I haven’t been back to P’land since I graduated.
      I did hear about Debbi’s cafe too… I was glad to hear it’s doing well.
      Thanks for the comments. And I always enjoy getting the Banner when my
      parents forward copies to me.


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