Tetris Is Among Us

So today is my post on baking and although we (Boscar and myself) made these a couple of months ago, I’ve been sitting on this post, waiting for the right time to present it. Well, no time like the present hey?iphone1-002

Tetris Brownies – we made em, they were delicious. Funny thing is when I went to grab the recipe, I googled Tetris brownies again and a post from none other than Little Brother author Cory Doctorow about the brownies came up. He found the Tetris brownie recipe/idea from another blog – Fraske Designs. I wont go into specifics about what we did (it would be the same recipe both Doctorow and FD used). I will say however, it was a messy scene but fun to do.

The hardest part of making the brownies is the uniformity of the pieces. To make them all somewhat equal size shapes we broke a ton of toothpicks in half and used those like a grid on the brownies. Once cut we painted them different colours and placed them, simple as that.
Here’s a video of Tetris (brownies) being played………..ha
                                                    Oh what a world it is………….
I feel a need to link Digi-Cult – for people who need to scratch that true video game itch. They also have really well put together posts about current technology prospects many ‘geekier’ people will find interesting. No offense is meant by ‘geek’, I consider myself waaaaaay too nerdy for my own good.
So that’s it, that’s me. Can we keep this blog alive kids?
If you’re looking for me, find me at my MySpace music page or listen to some other junk I did on Soundclick. I’m praying you also see my name on a remix cd come February (released worldwide via Universal no less). That’s all I can say about it for fear I’ll jinx myself. I’ll update news on that at said MySpace account when news is available. Stay tuned and stay healthy.
I know it’s hard to include my personals in a Food blog but I’m shameless. Sorry.


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11 responses to “Tetris Is Among Us

  1. It’s an awesome video — but once you played the “L” piece over a vacant space I knew you’d be doomed to lose. Tetris: truly the game of kings. Brownie Tetris: the game of fat, happy kings who don’t have nut allergies.

  2. James

    The brownies look pretty yummy! I didn’t know you were much of a cook. Remember those fruit smoothies we made in the blender at your Mom and Joe’s house? Sizzurp!

  3. Tina Gonnermann

    Tetris brownies is mmmm good. Bring on the baked goods.

  4. Auntie Deb

    Wow Chad … this is a whole new side of you. They look awesome … I am going to get the girls baking!

  5. how cute!
    you are talented!
    and I thought video game stuff was totally useless!
    how wrong I was!
    keep up the good work!
    luv ya!

  6. Andi (from over the pond)

    Spiffing work old chap(s).

    There’s nothing quite like a game a Tetris Brownie’s whilst sipping Pimms and playing croquet on the lawn!!

    Jolly good show old boy(s) … keep up the good work!!

    PS: The video was rad, out there, awesome … dude(s) … (did I use some of the right words?)


  7. Auntie Deb

    ….. Although I am a little confused as to why one would “paint” brownies ;-).

  8. Ryguy

    nice, this is better than i or billy could do!!!!

  9. Heidee

    Love the Tetris brownies, it reminds me of the Tetris late night challenges oh so many years ago.

  10. Jess

    Chaddy that is actually awesome!
    We’ve always apreciated your feminine side. =P
    Miss You!!

  11. Brent & Jodi

    Betty Crocker now has some competition… well done. Maybe you can serve some Tetris Brownies as a Christmas treat !

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