About Me*

My name is Bailey (angelfreak is just a nickname i’ve used on the internet since I was a kid). I am from Saskatchewan, but my family has moved all over the place while I was growing up. Currently I am going to the U of L to get my B.A. in Sociology. But none of this tells you the important things, like why i’m writing a food blog. The answer is simple: I love to cook. I think cooking connects people and through your cooking you can share a lot about yourself with other people. Food allows you to learn about other cultures and be taken to a place that you’ve never been before all through one bite. It’s not just food to me, it’s a passion and I am happy to share a bit of that with all of you.


6 responses to “About Me*

  1. lanban

    Hello! My name is Alanna (lanban is a nickname my high school friends called me). I am back studying at the UofL after a short break. I took time off from school to work in the kitchen of a four star heli skiing lodge in the middle of the Cariboo mountain range. I have also worked two summers for the company as the chef’s kitchen assistant. I learned so much from the two chefs I worked with because we lived and worked with each other in the middle of nowhere and they are very experienced professionals. After cooking lunch for rich mountain people for three years, I hope that I will be able to share some of my love, experience and knowledge of food with you! Enjoy!

  2. Vince

    Hey where do you get your pictures from for the blog. Flickr?

  3. lanban

    generally google or I take my own pictures

  4. Chelsey Zuk

    Hey Bailey,

    I know we don’t talk very often, but I just wanted to say that I’m absolutely impressed by your blog! It’s great, to say the least. From being entertaining, as well as well written, and still very informative – all I can say is, great job.

  5. Ruth Abatzoglou

    Hi Bailey and Alanna
    I saw your blog from a link in Vince’s blog.
    I enjoyed looking it over and reading your post and recipes and all the beautiful pictures. You have so many different angles on food choices we make, here is another one.

    Have you heard about the book “Cool Cuisine”
    -Taking a bite out of Global Warming by the food choices we make? by Laura Stec and Eugene Cordero. Eugene works with my son. They present the concept of how our food choices can impact global warming. Here is a link to the inside cover of the book

    I was surprised at the difference in CO2 emissions between beef and chicken.


  6. I also navigated to your blog from the link Vince put up. Here’s a ‘foodie’ blog I subscribe to that might also interest you–> Smitten Kitchen.

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