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Wrap it up B!

Ladies & Gentlemen, I am a picky eater. I Can’t help it, certain junk grosses me out. No one’s shoving anything down my throat. Why is it justifiable to be mad at the kiddies for doing what this here miscreant does?

There is alternatives to what myself and the children do not like, but as long as we eat something what’s the problem? Step 3 on the Food Network is my lifeblood, Choice is Key!! Quit trying to feed me stuff I won’t feed the garburator. You give me a catlitter cake, I’ll probably eat it. May look gross but I bet it’s delicious.

I’d also like to say, if you cut my Ham & Cheese sandwhich into a star shape I’d love that! It’s so easy to please if you do the right thing. Surprisingly, when I was young the only thing that detracted me from Mom’s sandwhiches was the freakin’ butter. I’d tell that lady time and time again, NO BUTTER!
She never listened.

Appease the picky eater, pre-peel our oranges, they are too hard to peel by ourselves. And yes, rock the fruit kabob. Fruit kabobs are the jam, especially on the Barbeque. If a kid takes leftover FKs to school for lunch he or she will be the coolest apple in school. Imagine the tradesies that kid will be offered…..

Now let me ask you this, do you love apples? I do and I did when I was just a young girl (boy) all the way back in grade 2. I remember my Oma (That’s Grandma) cutting the skin off of the whole apple so I could individually chomp on the core and skin bits. It certainly was not an apple mindbender but you better believe it was all apple love. Too bad I was never allowed to play with the knife. Even now, I might hurt myself cutting a fancy apple. I guess I never had the training.

If someone would’ve helped me learn to cook when I was a sprouting seed (looking at you Mother) maybe I would have the proficiency to cut things for myself. Oh how I would have loved to be in a place that let me make fun things. A school for kids taught by people catering to the budding chefs out there. Kid Chef just sounds cool, like it could be my new favorite rapper. I’m so done with Lil Chef, Kid Chef is the bomb.

Next week watch out for those Allergies. You might know what to watch out for as per yourself but do you know about the other things that cause people harm? Stay tuned.

Kenny Bloggins aka Mr 6As


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Kid Chefs

Growing up, one thing that I wish I had was a kids cooking class – something different then Home Ec in Junior High – where it wasn’t boring and you didn’t learn how to make pancakes or chili.  Well recently, I found out that Calgary has a kids cooking school. It is called Kulinary Kids, where it is geared for pre-schoolers and all the way up to high school students. They have many classes for each age group that deals with not only learning the basic cooking skills but also learning to cook with seasonal items or different cooking styles. For the parents, this is a win-win situation – not only are the kids learning about cooking, they are also developing life skills.

A little more closer to home and for the Youth, Lethbridge College offers a Culinary Boot Camp. Where you learn about appetizers, soups, salads, main courses and the best part of a meal – the dessert.  During this camp, the youth also learn about basic cooking skills too. Then at the end, they get to design a 3 course meal and present it to their family and friends.

However, if you are thinking that Calgary is to far away, and your kid is not ready for the culinary boot camp, then have no fear. Just check out Cooking with Kids. This website provides recipes, videos and educational resources to teach your child about food, cooking and nutrition. Also, this a great way to spend more time with your child.

One last piece of information to help out in the kitchen, is have your child dress up like a chef and pretend that you are on a cooking show preparing a meal. What kid doesn’t like dressing up and pretending to be an adult?

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Coolest Apple in School!

When I think of being a little girl and the foods I most enjoyed, a memory of grade 2 “show and tell” pops into my head.

I brought an apple to school because I thought it was the coolest apple in all of grade 2! I know your thinking “that is a strange object to bring for show and tell” but, this apple was in fact, the coolest apple in all of grade 2.

The night before, my dad figured out how to cut an apple so that it can be put back together again to look like an un-cut apple.

Well Guess what?

You or your child can also have the coolest apple in school, because I just figured out the secret of the jigsaw apple and I am willing to share it with you!

Step 1: Pick a good looking apple from the batch (I picked one from my tree) and give it a good wash and dry.

Step 2: Use a sharp paring knife to cut a vertical slit, all the way from the top of the apple until you reach the middle of the fruit. Make sure you cut right to the core.

Step 3: Make a horizontal slit about 2/3rds around the apple.

Step 4: Make a vertical slit towards the bottom of the apple. Stop at the core.

Step 5: In the center of the area of the apple that has not been slit, cut a vertical slit from the top of the apple to the bottom.

Step 6: this is the tricky part, carefully use your knife to wiggle the apple apart. The apple will split along the core.

Step 7: now you should have 2 pieces that fit back together again! You can now core the apple but you must be very careful or you could break the apple and your apple will no longer be as cool! If you core the apple, be sure to leave the stem in to achieve a realistic un-cut apple illusion!

Step 8: finally put some lemon juice on the white part of the apple to prevent it from turning brown and ruining its cool image!

Happy apple cutting!


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Too Cool for My LUNCH BOX*

For any of us who have ever had to feed a child we know what a pain in the rear that can be. A lot of children are picky eaters and it can be difficult to cater to what they like and don’t, and also get them the nutrition the need. One of the biggest challenges we face is packing those lunch boxes for school.

There are many rules around what you are allowed to send to school now days due to allergy concerns. The biggest thing to look out for is peanut and seafood allergies. People with those allergies generally can be triggered by the smell so those need to be avoided for sure.


 So what do we put in there?

How about a ham and cheese sandwich. Sounds boring right. Not the way I make them. A ham and cheese is only boring if you make it that way. Try putting using smoked, maple, or honey ham. Also, try add in a slice of prosciutto, it’ll add an intense depth of flavor. As for the cheese, don’t just use a kraft singles cheese slice. While the commercials may say that your kids will love you for them, I didn’t like them as a kid so I don’t know who’s doing their research. Try using a swiss or provolone, or any cheese that will add a new flavor to the sandwich. This way your kid won’t be trying to trade it away.

 Now for the icing on the cake: Martha’s Apple Butter. Apple butter is much healthier then putting regular butter on a sandwich and it tastes delicious.

If all of this still wasn’t enough to create the perfect ham and cheese for your little one (or for yourself, it’s just that good) try making it look pretty. Who doesn’t love a nice presentation. Buy some jumbo cookie cutters and cut out the sandwich into a fun shape. That way if your kid hates crust then the crust is gone and they’ll have more fun eating something that looks like a dinosaur.



So what do you put in the lunches with that totally awesome ham and cheese? Check out these ideas brought to you courtesy of my domestic hero, Martha Stewart:


Frozen Juice Box – A frozen juice box is delicious way to keep your childs lunch cool. And also a pure fruit juice is packed with vitamins your child needs and every kid loves juice.

Fruit Kabob – Instead of just giving them fruit in a tupperware container dress it up a little. Take a regular fruit skewer and add strawberries, grapes, pineapple, and marshmellows; or just use whatever your kids faves are. Let them take part in picking them out and try new fruits with them. Also it’s a great way to get kids involved with cooking with you.

 Cereal Bracelets – For these you can use an unflavored dental floss or some clean thread. Get the kids to help you make these too. Get some Fruit Loops or Cheerios and string them onto the thread until it makes a bracelet. It’s a cute treat to add in the lunch box. Also since most cereals are being made in whole grains it’s not that bad for them either.

Pre-Peeled Orange – Most kids enjoy eating oranges but it can be hard for them to peel for themselves. To give them a head start slice off the tip of the top of the orange. Then score down the side of the orange in four places to create four equal segments. Then peel back the top of each segment a bit.

Crunch Caterpillar – A lot of kids have an aversion to anything green. But if it’s in the shape of a gross caterpillar we might have a shot. Peel a cucumber and then slice it into 1/2 inch slices. Then string the slices onto a plastic bendy straw. Then top it off with a cherry tomato as a plump head.


Hopefully at least some of these ideas make it easier to pack lunch for your child. The thing to remember are: 

 – have them experiment with tastes and textures at an early age

 – let them get involved in the cooking process with you

 – and sometimes when they say a food is gross and will make them puke, it just might


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Picky Eating – It’s Science

Kids should just eat what’s on the table, right? I mean, it only stands to reason picky kids will turn into picky adults if they’re indulged early on. Besides, there’s nothing to be scared of – they’re just vegetables.

That said, I don’t actually have any children so I will likely stand corrected on this issue.

It looks like there are a lot of tips and tricks out there to get kids to eat healthy and not kick up a fuss every time they’re presented with something healthy. And while some parents say their children will eat whatever is put in front of them, it looks like a lot have a nightly battle on their hands to get the veggies down.

According to Dr. Oz (you know, the guy from Oprah), children’s famous dislike of vegetables is actually a survival mechanism. The bitter taste found in some veggies triggers a biological response in the little guys that is meant to help them avoid poisonous substances. It appears parents are staging a battle against millions of years of evolution (via ).

So, in order to trick biology and all the picky eaters at your table, The Food Network has listed a few tips to get your kid’s to eat better…

1.   Make Sure They’re Hungry
Filling up on snacks or drinks too close to mealtime can make those veggies look less enticing. So does knowing desert is right around the corner.  

2.   Allow Them to Help
Let them pick a healthy side dish from the store or better yet, put them to work cooking one. If the child is involved they may be more inclined to choke it down or try something new.

3.   Choice is Key
Have healthy options available. They’ll be happier because they’ve had the option of NOT eating brussel sprouts in return for picking out something more delicious. That said, limit unhealthy options as well.  Growing up the only ‘treats’ we ever had in the house were Flinstone vitamins. Needless to say, I’ve grown accustomed to eating my veggies.

4.   Be Sneaky
Hide veggies that are considered inedible by your child into soups, sauces, and pizzas. This trick still works on me. I hate mushrooms but will happily eat them if they’re too small to pick around. Jerry Seinfeld’s wife wrote a whole cookbook on how to sneak more veggies into your kid’s food 

5.   Be Patient
It looks like kids can be stubborn. It can take up to 20 times of trying a new food before they will accept it as a part of life. Ask for one bite and be happy with that. Too much pressure will make for unhappy dinners for everyone.

6.   Be Creative
Try different variations of the same food. Slice it, steam it, serve it raw, add a little dipping sauce for good measure. Apparently kid’s like small things. Try cutting it up into little pieces and see if that makes a difference.

7.   You Are a Role Model
If you’re complaining about brussel sprouts, chances are your kids aren’t going to be fooled into eating them either. So, take one for the team and eat yours with a smile on your face.


If all else fails and you want to gross out your kids on purpose, there’s also a cookbook for that. It’s full of recipes for completely edible foods prepared to look like absolutely disgusting items. After all your troubles I would not be surprised if it’s easier to get kids to eat ‘catlitter cake’ than steamed broccoli. Good luck folks. 







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