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Round Street Cafe

This is one of my new favorite cafes to go to in Lethbridge. For those of you who know Lethbridge, their is round_street_cafe_sizednot a whole lot of good Cafes. However, this one, I just love it. The food is great, the atmosphere is relaxing and it is a great place to people watch.

What makes Round Street Cafe different from the rest, is that the owner, actually comes around and chats with everyone and their employees are extremely nice. One thing that is different is that a portion of the employees have physical or mental handicaps. The owner, who was a former Teachers Assistant, worked with people who have disabilities. She said that they also need jobs and here they can come and work for as many hours that is perfect for them. This is great!

The food is amazing and made with fresh local ingredients when possible. The pastries are baked fresh each morning. My favorite, is the blueberry muffin. Also, their sandwiches are quite filling, where you have the option of getting a half sandwich or a full sandwich. I love to eat, and personally a full sandwich is to much. So, i would recommend the half sandwich. My favorite lunch choice, is a half sandwich with the soup.

If you haven’t been to this cafe yet, go out and try it, you won’t be disappointed!

Round Street Cafe is located at 427 5th Street South, Lethbridge. They are open Mon – Fri 7am to 6pm, Saturday’s from 9am to 5pm and closed on Sundays.


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