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BETTINWICHES! (aka Brie, Chocolate, & Basil Sandwiches)



I know, it sounds gross – brie, chocolate, and basil? Together? On a sandwich? I was skeptical right up until the first bite. Interestingly, it tastes exactly how you would think, yet somehow this taste translates into tasty (if you don’t believe me read the reviews).  



After some Internet searching it appears this recipe is from Giada De Laurentiis, host of several Food Network cooking shows. She even made these sandwiches on Oprah. But it wasn’t Giada or Oprah that taught me the recipe. Truth be told, if I had heard about it from either these ladies I would have passed.

It was my friend Bettina who convinced me this recipe was worth trying. And no one loves sandwiches more than Bettina so if she says somethings good I’m inclined to believe her. They were so delicious we decided to name them after her – from then on BCB sandwiches were known as Bettinwiches.

They key to making these h’orderves delicious is to use the ingredients with moderation. You can brie it up as much as you like, but be spareing with the chocolate and basil. They’re accents to the dish – not the main ingredient.

Other than selective placement of leaves and chips, making Bettinwiches is just like making a grilled cheese sandwich. Cut it into quarters and serve it as an interesting appetizer or make a whole one for yourself. Either way they’re worth a try.




French or sourdough bread, sliced

Brie cheese, sliced

Semi-sweet chocolate chips

Fresh basil leaves, washed

Butter or olive oil



Butter or drizzle olive oil on one side of each slice of bread

On inside of sandwich place brie slices to cover, sprinkle a few chocolate chips evenly, and place 2 – 4 basil leaves spread out. Don’t overdo it on the chocolate & basil – a little goes a long way.

Put sandwich together and grill over medium heat until bread turns golden brown and cheese and chocolate melts.

Serve immediately.  


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