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Off to Borough Market

One of the highlights of travel is experiencing new foods and cultural cuisines, so this week Digitally Delicious will bring you tasty fares from around the globe. This summer I had the chance to visit Borough Market in London, England.


The Market itself has been located on this exact spot for approximately 250 years, but has been in existence for much longer than that. First mention of the Borough Market was in 1276 and it’s believed that the market dates back to the time of the Romans (over 2000 years!). The proposed Thameslink project (a railway line) is currently threatening to demolish this historic site. Those of you who’d like the chance to visit, please consider signing the online petition to save this area.

A Traditional English Breakfast - served at pretty much every place I've stayed in England

A Traditional English Breakfast

Now England is not exactly renowned for it’s delicious dishes. At its best it’s chippies and beer, at it’s worst, images spring forth of bangers and mash or kidney pie. And there’s nothing like a full English breakfast to make you heave a little after a night of too much beer.

England’s bad food is a stereotype of course and Borough Market proves this without a doubt. It had everything you would expect to find at a food market – fresh fruits and veggies, breads, all sorts of cheeses. But it also had desserts, fresh baked veggie pies, meats, fish, wines, olive oils, prepared salads, flowers, and so much more. We bought enough food and wine to feed five and proceeded to have a lovely picnic on a friend’s barge.



The market is open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and is not for the clausterphobic. Be prepared to join the throngs of people and slowly make your way from stall to stall. But fighting the crowds is worth the effort. You won’t find fare like this anywhere else. Plus, you can visit one of the many drink vendors and enjoy a tasty (alcoholic no less!) beverage while you shop. I can’t think of anything more civilized than that.


With summer behind us here’s a recipe for Sangria to bring a little sunshine into your November. It is inspired by the one I enjoyed last July at Borough Market. The recipe calls for 2 shots of Malibu or Brandy but I’ve made it without and it tastes just as good. Also, if your serving this to guests, consider leaving the slices of oranges and lemon out until right before serving. If left overnight they tend to get stained by the wine and don’t look as pretty.

Red Wine Sangria with fresh fruit

1 bottle of red wine – any kind you like
1 lemon
2 oranges (one for garnish)
1/2 cup berries or other chopped fruit (optional – blueberries and strawberries work nicely)
Few sprigs of fresh mint leaves (optional – for garnish)
2 tbs sugar
2 shots Malibu or Brandy
2 cups Club Soda or Ginger Ale

– Wash all fruit well.
– Cut lemon and ONE orange in half
– Squeeze juice from each into large jug.
– Thinly slice remaining halves

– Wash and quarter any additional fruit (berries) you want in your drink

In same jug add
• All cut fruit (possibly leaving out orange/lemon slices until next day)
• 2 tbs of sugar to jugp8100432
• 2 shots of Malibu
• Wine
Chill overnight.

Before serving add 2 cups of club soda to the wine and fruit mixture.

Add in orange/lemon slices if they were not already included.

Slice and halve remaining orange to use as garnish. p8100433

For an extra special touch you can use one of the orange slices like a ‘stamp pad’ to wet the rim of your wine glasses.

 Then dip the rim in sugar.

Add a sprig of mint and slice of orange to each glass before serving.



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