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Got a Hot DATE?*

So if you live in Lethbridge like I do then you understand that the restaurant selections that are available can feel lacking. Don’t get me wrong I do very much enjoy the food at the Cheesecake Cafe, Moxies, and Earls, which seem to be the old standards for a lot of people. Sometimes, especially when it comes to a date, I start to feel like I want something a little more special. 

 So if you have a hot first date coming up or if you are just looking for some place to take that someone special 360 Inspired Cuisine is sure to be the perfect spot.

360 Inspired Cuisine is located in the heart of downtown Lethbridge right across from Galt Gardens and the Park Place Mall. They use the highest quality, local ingredients that they use to create a diverse menu that changes with the season. They are also the only restaurant in town that offers a full tapas menus. The tapas menu varies in price from 3 – 15 dollars, making it an excellent value for budgeting students. 360 also has a full bar and wine selection to choose from.

You may be asking yourself how I know so much about 360 as the perfect date spot. It’s because I went on a date there… with my sister and her husband.

It wasn’t quite the hot date I imagined being on in such a nice place. Nor was it the perfect date for my sister and Henri i’m sure. Regardless we had a great time. 360 has a wonderful ambience that they have created through smooth jazz music, warm low lighting, and rich decor.

We of course started by ordering some drinks. I had the Geisha Punch. It was a blend of Sake, Blue Curaco, and Juices. It was a delicious drink with just enough sweetness. Ashley, my sister, had the Vanilla Ice, which is a mix of Vanilla Skyy Vodka, Cream, Pineapple Juice, and Orange Juice. She said that it was very tasty and she would definitely order it again. Though the drinks are a little on the expensive side I felt my drink was worth every penny.

For any of you who know me and read my blog consistently you know that I am seriously allergic to garlic, paprika and dairy. A lot of times it can get really complicated for me to find things that I can order in restaurants. So much of this depends on the quality of the waiter and the chef. Unfortunatly over half of the time when I go to a restaurant I end up having to send back my food because either the waiter hasn’t told the chef the correct order or the chef just didn’t pay attention. I know human error is common of course, I worked as a chef and waitress before, but it does get frustrating for me and other people I know with food allergies. Fortunately this wasn’t the case at 360. When the waitress came to take our order I told her about my allergies and that I was interested in having the duck or the salmon. I asked her to ask the chef if this was possible to make without dairy and garlic so she went and asked. They made the duck to my specifications, and they also gave me non-menu options that the chef could make for me for a starch. I have never had better service or had staff make so many accommodations for my allergies for me. Just because of that I knew it was somewhere that I would return to.



On top of all of that, it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. The duck was succulent. I had never had duck before but I want it every day. The pasta was had a mystery sweetness, and the white asparagus was cooked to perfection. Ashley had the Dry Rubbed Pork Tenderloin with Maple BBQ Sauce and Roasted Pear, Red Pepper, and Charred Scallions Salsa. The pork was incredibly tender and the maple bbq sauce had a sweet depth of flavor. Henri had the 10oz. New York Sirloin with Shrimp Butter and Garlic Prawns. He said it was good (not the best he’d ever had) and he didn’t feel the portions were big enough.

For dessert Ashley and Henri ordered the shared trio for two. It came with a Godiva Creme Brule, Cappuccino Mousse, and Milk Chocolate Flan with Vanilla Gelato. It was beautifully presented (as were all of our dishes) and they said it tasted divine.



When it was all over it was time to see the bill. For two people, including two drinks, two entrees, and one shared dessert, plus a 20% tip you can expect to pay 100 dollars to eat out at 360 Inspired Cuisine. To many of you that may seem like a lot to spend on one meal. Personally I think I’m worth it. And in the wise words of Henri, as the man you need to remember that you’re eating too so you’re really spending that money on yourself. And for the ladies we can look for some advice from Phyllis from The Office. When we’re on a date always order the most expensive thing on the menu so he knows you’re worth it. You’ll have to put out, but then he’ll know.



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