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Tasty Vegan Snack Bars – Yes, it is possible!

ok… I will be honest with you, I am not a vegan or a vegetarian or planning on becoming one. I love meat just to much. However, I do occasionally enjoy having a vegan snack bar. I stumbled across these one day when I was shopping at Naturista’s, here in Lethbridge. This is a relatively new locally owned Health Food Store.

So one day when I was in there shopping for a new water bottle – thanks to BPA’s. One of the employee’s at Naturista’s asked me if I have ever tried a vegan snack bar. At first I was a bit skeptical, however, I thought there is always a first for everything. To my amazement, they are actually quite good.

Some of my favorite vegan snack bars are:

Bumble Bar – ok the name is kind of weird, but the bar’s are quite good. There are mimg_1918any different flavors to choose from, however my favorite one is the Chocolate Crisp. It is a sweet blend of sesame seeds, crisp brown rice and peanuts. I find that this bar is great alternative to a regular old chocolate bar. I have also tried there new one, Cherry Chocolate, however, the mixture of cherries, chocolate and sesame seeds didn’t sit so well.



Healthy Addictions bars – they got their name right with this one! So far I have only tried the Coco Bliss img_1916flavor and it was quite addicting – I now have a craving for another one! This bar is vegetarian and made with raw ingredients such as – coconut and agave syrup. This is a soft chewy bar with raw agave syrup in the middle and the outside is made of raw cocoa with raw agave syrup. It has a sweet taste, again it made a nice alternative to a  chocolate bar.


The Simply Bar – this bar kind of reminds me of a rice crispy square, but available in more flavors. It is aimg_1931-2 natural bar with low calories and lots of protein – 17g. WOW!!! However, this bar is not my favorite. I find that they are a bit dry and sometimes hard. Again, they come in lots of different flavors – I have only tried the Lemon Coconut, and I didn’t really like it. However, I would try another flavor such as the Cocoa Coffee or the Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Again, all of these bars can be bought right here in Lethbridge, Alberta at Naturista’s. I would also assume they could be purchased at any Health Food Store.



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