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The BACON diet*

So I bet you’re all trying to google “bacon diet” already. Well trust me you won’t find it. The Bacon diet is my families nickname for the low-carb diet. There is an interesting story to how that came about too.

About two years ago my sister got engaged. She was not interested in a long engagement, so just 5 months later she was going to be walking down the aisle. This did not give me very much time to look as super fabulous as possible in my brides-maids dress. So with little time left me and my parents decided that we would all go on the low-carb diet so we could all look our very best at the wedding. I mean these are pictures that will be on my sisters walls forever so I had to look amazing. We started the diet and cut out bread, potatoes, refined sugars, and ate nothing but meat, veggies, and fruit. Not being people that were experienced in cooking meals without carbs our meals started to consist of only meat, and sometimes we had meals of just bacon. Somehow, despite what I believe is medically sound, we started to lose weight and not just a little bit. Needless to say, we did look hot at the wedding.

I strongly advise against eating just bacon as a method of weight loss. However, a real low carb diet is one that can be effective, ecspecially if you’re trying to lose weight in a short period of time. May I just say that the low carb diet is not a sustainable way of eating. There can be serious health risks to eating this way for a long period of time, as there is with any diet, and you should always consult your doctor before starting a diet. And yes, my doctor was very appaulled by the bacon diet but for 5 months he said it wasn’t going to kill me.



So there are a lot of variations of the low-carb diet. Some want you to cut out all carbs, some say low carbs, some make you count carbs, etc. What results you want and what kind of diet you have now will help you to best determine what diet will work best for you. If your main diet is currently focused on eating carbs and sugary foods, then cutting out all carbs will give you subtantial results quickly. However if you eat a balance of carbs, proteins, and veggies already then going no carb won’t give you a lot of results right away. For you I would probably recommend protion control or not eating after 8. To figure out what will work the best for you consult a nutritionist and they will be able to tell you what will work for your needs.

Assuming you are on or starting a low-carb diet, figuring out what to eat can be one of the most difficult things you will face.

Snacks: Nuts are always a good option for the low-carb dieter. They’re tasty, high in protein, and filling. Some other options are celery with peanut butter or cheese, beef jerky, sugar-free jello, veggies and dip, and cheese and apple slices.

Lunch: Salad is a delicious, nutritious, and easy way to eat low-carb at lunch time. Try to get creative with the combinations of ingredients to keep things interesting. For example, grilled apricots, toasted hazelnuts, pancetta, with a white balsamic vinaigrette on arugula. Or a spinach salad with a roasted red pepper vinaigrette.

Supper: Supper can be very easy to cook low-carb. All you need is a protein and some veggies. Think of it as cooking your normal meal but omitting the rice or bread that you normally put with it. Try grilled tuscan steak with fried egg and goat cheese. Or grilled chicken with mustard dill sauce. Cook up either of those with a side of tomato salad or glazed carrots and ginger, and then you have a great meal.

Hopefully these ideas are helpful to any of you who want to try this diet. If anything I hope you don’t ever try the bacon diet.



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